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IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though at the top right-hand corner of every page of my website it shows the Corporate address of Reverse Mortgage West in Irvine Calif., I work out of my home office in Champagne Village in Escondido, Calif. I spend most of my time taking care of San Diego County, but I also cover the entire counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino.

I'm Owen Coyle, a 78-year-young "Seasoned Citizen" living in a retirement community called Champagne Village, which is next door to the well-known Lawrence Welk Time Share Resort and Theater.

Both I and Anita, my beautiful wife for the past 48 years, have been living in our community for the last 16 years.

When I retired from Xerox Corporation after 25 years in major account sales, they provided me with an excellent retirement program, which would allow me to never to have to work again.

However, after one (1) year of retirement I knew that I wanted and needed to find something that I could enjoy doing. "Retirement was not for me".

Over the next few years I did several sales related activities which I enjoyed and kept me occupied, however I kept hearing advertisements on the radio and saw a few infomercials on television about Reverse Mortgages and how they can benefit seniors.

It finally dawned on me "That Would Be a Perfect Fit For Me," being a senior myself.

So I went down and interviewed with a Reverse Mortgage company and was hired that day. I started my 10th year as a Reverse Mortgage Specialist in April of this year.

I absolutely have a passion for working with seniors, improving their "Quality of Life" and giving them "Peace of Mind" by setting up Reverse Mortgages for them.

I've made a decision (and my wife approves) that I'm not going to retire until I have some sort of health problem that would prevent me from driving and visiting with seniors in their homes, and putting on "Workshops & Seminars".

Hopefully I will still be able to work in my home office and use the telephone, email and snail mail to help "Referrals" from my clients and friends to set up their Reverse Mortgages. Currently about half of my business is from "Referrals", and I take that to be the "Highest Compliment" from my clients and friends.

My main objective as a Reverse Mortgage Consultant is to be the "Messenger". I don't determine how much money is available for the seniors who have me set up their Reverse Mortgage. The amount of money is calculated by using an "FHA FORMULA", which determines how much money will be available for the senior borrowers and the various payment options – based on their age, property value, mortgage balance if any, and the current interest rates.

Again, my objective is to give "Information" and "Educate" the seniors about how Reverse Mortgages work, and how they can improve their "Quality of Life" and have "Peace of Mind".

A Reverse Mortgage is not for every senior, but when "It Fits", it can absolutely change their life for the better. When I meet with the seniors, I always try to have them include as many of their children as possible in our meetings. I always want to have the entire family "On The Same Page", and understand how the Reverse Mortgage will help the parents – based on their particular situation.

I'm very concerned about how much "Misinformation" and "Misconceptions" are out on the street, so it's my objective over the next 10t o 15 years to eliminate as much of the "Misinformation" and "Misconceptions" as I possibly can by talking to seniors individually and when I put on my "Workshops & Seminars."

I hope this information has given you a little "Insight" about me and that you can understand how much I love working with the senior population – setting up Reverse Mortgages for them.

I serve the following communities:
Southern California San Diego Carlsbad San Marcos Escondido Chula Vista Del Mar LaJolla Oceanside Poway Encinitas La Mesa Santee Fallbrook Vista Rancho Sante Fe Santa Ana Irvine Rancho Bernardo San Clemente El Cajon Scripps Ranch Mission Beach Point Loma Coronado Lemon Grove

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